Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Traveling Scarf

Today I'm working on a traveling scarf that I received in the mail yesterday. I'm a member of the traveling Scarf Group on Ravelry, and my group of 6 members send ours scarves round robin style to each other and each add a crochet section to it. By the time my scarf gets back to me, it should be a complete length with different stitch and yarn sections. I've done this once before with very nice results. This time I'm doing a hooded scarf in green colors for my mother. The person's scarf I'm working on now wants hers in blues. Here's a picture of hers so far:

This is done in the V-stitch. I think it looks light and lacey. It is Bernat Softee Chunky New Denim Heather #288432, and was the only blue I had on hand, so I needed an airy stitch so the fabric wouldn't be stiff. I think it turned out nice. The photo really doesn't show the pretty blue color either. It's kind of a light sky blue. I'm not a blue person, but I do like this blue. :) After frogging this project several times within the past 24 hours, I'm finally satisfied and ready to say "I'm done!" Wow - that sure feels good. :)

You all have a great Tuesday, and Happy Hooking!

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