Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Answered Prayer

As you know I have recently been praying over an economic situation that my husband and I are facing. I am happy to report that God has answered my prayers. For the past month or so, there has been a very distinct possibility that my husband would lose his job. We were devastated. He requested that he be transfered to another position within the same department if possible. After weeks of praying and not knowing what was going to happen, we found out on Monday that he will get a transfer. Isn't that wonderful?? God does answer prayer everyone!!! It may not be what we want or when we want, but He does answer prayer. You see, although, my husband gets to keep a job, he will have to work  from 4:30 pm - 12:30 am and with a very significant pay cut. So that's not so great. And he won't get to see the kids much at all. But at least he has a job and we will get to keep our medical benefits - which was our main concern. So now I'm busy praising the Lord and giving Him thanks. Here's a hymn I sang today: O Worship the King

                                    Words by: Robert Grant 1833

                                Music by: William Croft 1708

O worship the King, all glorious above,
O gratefully sing His power and His love;
Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of Days,
Pavilioned in splendor, and girded with praise.

O tell of His might, O sing of His grace,
Whose robe is the light, whose canopy space,
His chariots of wrath the deep thunderclouds form,
And dark is His path on the wings of the storm.

The earth with its store of wonders untold,
Almighty, Thy power hath founded of old;
Established it fast by a changeless decree,
And round it hath cast, like a mantle, the sea.

Thy bountiful care, what tongue can recite?
It breathes in the air, it shines in the light;
It streams from the hills, it descends to the plain,
And sweetly distills in the dew and the rain.

Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail,
In Thee do we trust, nor find Thee to fail;
Thy mercies how tender, how firm to the end,
Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend.

O measureless might! Ineffable love!
While angels delight to worship Thee above,
The humbler creation, though feeble their lays,
With true adoration shall all sing Thy praise.


  1. So glad that God has answered your prayers. It's refreshing to see God answering prayers. It gives me hope that he is still going to answer mine. You see, my husband lost his job 5 months ago and he's still working hard to find another. With a 3 year old and a 5 month old, no healthcare and barely enough money from unemployment to pay for the bills, we're still praying every day that someone will hire him. We're at the point of desperation and willing to take ANY job. But one thing that keeps us going everyday is that we know God is taking care of us and that one day He will answer our prayers. Not even a sparrow falls without Him knowing it. So much more does He know our needs and cares for us.

  2. I pray that God will take care of you & your family and let His will be known to you. Sometimes it is hard to wait upon Him, but if we give Him praise and thanksgiving the wait is much easier and our faith is renewed. God bless you, and stay strong in His word.