Monday, October 12, 2009

Chain Reaction #2 - Sarah is Packed

Okay, so I want to give you something to work on while I'm gone. :) Here's another Chain Reaction puzzle. I think these are becoming addictive. I know they are so much fun to make on my end -  I hope they are fun to solve on your end. This might become a weekly thing if I don't watch out. :)

                                   CLICK TO ENLARGE

I've finally started packing for my trip, considering that I'm leaving for the airport in 20 hours. I've done all my laundry and packed what I need. Now I need to go to Walmart to get a few things, then do the dishes so hubby has a clean kitchen for the week.  I decided to take the largest suitcase so I can pack Sarah (the 4 1/2 ft. doll) & other goodies for my granddaughter - as long as I stay under 50 lbs. I think I can do it. I'll just weigh it before I leave the house. I want to take a couple of nice books to her also if the weight allows, but we'll see. Poor Sarah. All squished up in the suitcase. But she sure is flexible! I hurt just looking at her. :) I can't wait for Katharine to see her. I'm going to let Katharine name her anything she wants as it will be her new friend, and a much larger friend I might add. I just hope Katharine isn't scared of her. Elizabeth told me that she had been scared of her when she was little. I never knew that, and she never told us. Like some people are scared of clowns. :) And I thought it was a nice, sweet gift. I hope I'm doing the right thing by bringing this doll to Katharine!!!! I'll tell Audra that if Katharine doesn't like her, to just throw her out  or give her away. I don't want Katharine to have nightmares about a giant doll. Wish me luck!

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