Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Sunglass Clutch - Pattern for Sale

Here is a pattern I have that is for sale.  It is called the LITTLE SUNGLASS CLUTCH.  I'm very proud of it and have gotten very good reviews. Please let me know what you think. It was designed to mimic a pair of sunglasses, but it doesn't have to be used as an eyeglass case. It can also be a little clutch or purse to use when a larger one isn't needed. I use mine all the time when I go to the grocery store or shopping. I put my car keys in it, my debit card, my driver's license, etc; and I use the little wrist strap and then hold it in my left hand while I do my shopping. It's very handy and doesn't get in the way, especially when I don't have any pockets to carry anything. I just love it, and everyone who has made one says the same thing. I hope you enjoy it too!!!!  

Written pattern is $2.00 US currency.

                                       Little Sunglass Clutch        


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