Friday, November 13, 2009

Hubby Knits a Sweater

I believe I've mentioned before that my husband knits. His mother had taught him and his siblings as children during the cold winters growing up in Moscow, Idaho. He's pretty darned good at it too! His latest project will be a sweater for himself. He picked out the pattern a while ago. It's Lisa Knits SW-025, called "Like Father - Like Son."

Yesterday he went and picked out his yarn. I wasn't with him when he bought it, so I missed the experience of helping to choose. However, I think he made an excellent choice and it's something that he chose all by himself. It's Peace Fleece in Dark Olive Roots. 70% Merino Wool and 30% Mohair. The color is very nice with multi flecks throughout.

I'll keep you updated with his progress. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful....I mean handsome!!!

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