Monday, May 10, 2010

Re-usable Pill Bottles

I take so many daily medications and have so many pill bottles to deal with. Here's a nifty way to reuse your empty pill bottles. Don't throw them away. Just peel off the labels – you may need to use some Goo Gone to get the stickiness off. Wash them out real good and dry them. Then put in all your safety pins, bobbins, needles, stitch markers, etc. This is a very portable way to travel also. They fit easily in your purse or tote and storage is a breeze! What other ways do you use them?


  1. My mom uses some of hers for change, then she's never completely broke!

  2. So clever and thrifty! Thanks for this.

  3. I do this as well, it makes for a great way to put away those little things in life that just seem to get lost and yet are always needed.

    Glad I ran across your blog this evening!