Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to Wake Up!

So here I sit, wondering if my stepdaughter will catch the bus this morning. As I wonder every morning. It's soooooooo hard to get her up and dressed and out the door on time. Granted - she's never missed the bus thus far this school year - but it seems only a matter of time. One can only push the envelope so far it seems to me. What I want to know is - what do you do about it? I tell her constantly every 10 minutes to get up and get dressed. Does that help? Apparently not, because she always waits until the last minute to get dressed. What can I do? I know my blood pressure is up. Maybe I should just let her miss the bus and have to stay home all day. But then she'd be home with me. That would be MY punishment, not hers. Maybe I would just have to suck it up for one day and really punish her good and work her butt off at home. I just really don't know what to do. I wish she would just get ready ON TIME, instead on testing fate every morning. Here again, she is still getting dressed when she should already be out the door. I just want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, she's out the door, but I just hold my breath to wait and see if she walks back in because she missed the bus. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! What should I do???? What CAN I do???? Does anyone else have this problem? What advice can you give me?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dress Potholder

I was feeling bored and depressed one day, so I decided to make something for myself. Part of the fun of crocheting is looking for just the right pattern. I finally decided on this oneDRESS POTHOLDER. I found several to choose from in that same style, but I liked this one the best. The skirt is double thickness as it is worked in rounds. I think it is really pretty and it is very useful around the kitchen too! Why don't you try your hand at it?


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Momma Chickadee Potholder

Here are two cute potholders I made for a friend recently. They are from the website. You do have to register in order to get the free patterns - however; registration is free. The patterns are called: Momma Chickadee Potholder and Baby Chickadee Potholder. Aren't they the cutest things? My friend is really enjoying them. They were so easy to make too ! What a wonderful gift to make and receive. Why don't you try it? You'll be glad you did.


Monday, October 4, 2010

"BEAR" with me, please!

"BEAR" with me, please - while I  try to get used to my new computer. It's been nearly five whole months since I've posted here and it's been a long time coming. My old computer was very sick and finally gave up the good fight. Looks like I might have lost a lot of my files because I was was not smart enough to back them up like I should have. My brother-in-law works in IT and managed to extract some of the files - maybe 1/3 of them, but all of my crocht files are gone. I'm so sad about it all. My hubby says that there are people you can pay that can try to extract your files, but we have very personal and private documents stored on that computer - you know? I don't know if I want just anyone having access to that information. What to do!! Maybe my brother-in-law will try again. Does ayone have a suggestion? Have you been in this situation before? What did you do? Are my files gone for good? Is this bear cute or what???

Nevertheless, have a great day - and HAPPY CROCHETING!!!!

EDIT: Some of the crochet patterns I'm missing are my original unpublished ones. Unfortunately, no one has had access to them but me. Don't know if I could ever duplicate them. :)