Friday, December 17, 2010

Easy Crab Dip Recipe

Here's a giant goldfish that was caught in the south of France. The fisher needed about 10 minutes to get the fish to shore, but released it after the photo was taken. Other fishermen had been trying to catch it for the past 6 years. What a whopper!

Which leads me to a yummy recipe that my brother-in-law brings to our family get-togethers. It's his famous Crab Dip. We all love it and request it from him every time we have a special occasion, such as Christmas. I hope you will enjoy it too!



2 lg. bars cream cheese (softened)

1 pkg. imitation crab legs chopped up or 2 cans crab meat

1 jar cocktail sauce

Soften cream cheese and spread on serving platter. Layer chopped crab legs on top of cream cheese. Spread cocktail sauce on top. Serve with crackers to dip.


  1. Great dip recipe and I'm glad that goldfish was released! Amazing!

  2. HOLY GOLDFISH! That is one strange looking fish, wow.