Tuesday, December 7, 2010




Here's a nice Christmas gift for you. I will have a drawing to give away TWO free patterns. This lovely Tannenbaum Lace Scarf is just the perfect Christmas gift this season! And the Little Sunglass Clutch will hold all your holiday essentials. You could work it up in glitzy holiday yarns. I thought I would reward some of my loyal readers with a couple of free patterns. I'm not sure how many I will give away - it depends on the response I get. Each winner will receive the TWO free patterns!!  Just email me at the address listed below and tell me 1) at least your first name and 2) how you like my blog/patterns. Example: I am MoCrochet from Texas and I especially like all of your dishcloth patterns. If you are a winner, I will email the patterns back to you at your same address. Tell all of your friends to stop by and drop me a line. Just remember to abide by the instructions listed above in order to qualify to be a winner. I will announce the winners in a later post. I will not notify you if you did not win. Deadline is December 19, 2010. Good luck to all!

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  1. I would love to have a free pattern of your beautiful scarf. I will mention your giveaway on my next post coming up!