Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Award

What a nice surprise to find that Miss Clara from Clara's Crochet Room has awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you Clara!

Rules are that I have to reveal several fun things about myself:

1. I received the Smile Award in the 5th grade.
2. In the 6th grade, my art project angel was chosen to sit atop the school Christmas tree.
3. My brother and I, who was 13 months older than myself, used to tell people that we were twins - and we got away with it. :)
4. At times, we also told people that we were cousins and that he was just living with our family for a while.
5. When I was a small child I thought I was Chinese because it was reported in the news that every fourth born person in the world was Chinese and I was the fourth born child in my family. Of course my older siblings instigated this plot.
6. When I was a teenager I must have looked older than my years because there were several instances where people thought that I was my baby sister's mother. She is 6 years younger than myself. So we liked to pretend to strangers that we were mother and daughter.
7. In the grocery store, much to my mother's chagrin,  my little sister and I would pretend to speak in a foreign language to each other. It was all jibberish and we got plenty of odd looks.

Now that I've let you in on my creative childhood, I'd like to pass on this award to the following blogs:

Rules for the winners: pick 3-5 blogs you admire and pass on this award linking back to the person who gave you the award (in this case, me). Reveal several fun facts about yourself. Make sure to leave a comment on their blog that they have won. Happy Hooking!

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