Friday, January 14, 2011

Crafter's Creed

If you knit or crochet - or craft of any nature for that matter -  I'm sure that like me, you have some works in progress (WIP) or unfinished objects (UFO's).  I have several projects that I have been working on and slowly making progress on. I keep saying that eventually I will get around to it and get them done. Don't you say the same thing? How many WIP's and UFO's do you have sitting around the house begging for your attention? Do you even know? When was the last time you took an inventory?

I say, let's start the New Year with a new craft resolution. Let's finish up all those WIP's and UFO's that we have laying around and hiding in the corner of the closet. Get them all out and decide if you really want to finish them. If not, then either frog them and save the yarn for yet another project, or throw it out completely. Don't be squeamish - now is the time for courage! You can do it - just make that decision and stick to it. Keep it, ot toss it - one or the other. If you keep it, you will finish it in 2011. That is your promise to yourself. Right here, right now. Let's recite a Crafter's Creed. Raise your right hand (holding hook or needle), place your left hand over your pattern books, and repeat after me: "I solemnly swear on all things soft and yarny, that I will do my best to work on my poor neglected projects on a consistent basis, giving them all the attention they deserve, and seeing them blossom stitch by stitch to their full fruition in 2011. This I do solemnly swear."

There you have it! Now go forward with hook (or needle) in hand and get busy! Take on your first project and let's help one another this year. My husband and I go to  Yarnorama, our Local Yarn Shop (LYS), on Thursday nights specifically to work on our WIP's and UFO's. We have a whole group who meets there and does the same thing. It's great when you have the support of so many - you get so much done and have a great time also.

My husband really enjoys his knitting time at the LYS. I'm beginning to think it's because of all the attention he gets for being the only male on board. :) He is cute - isn't he? And an excellent knitter. He's in the process of knitting me a sweater. His goal is to finish it by our wedding anniversary on April 1st.

I have one Finished Object (FO) that I've had stashed at the house for the past year now, and I haven't given it away yet. I finally decided what to do with it. It's an afghan made from all my 12" squares that I've designed. If you look closely, you'll see the same squares that are shown as samples in my 12" patterns. After I wrote all those patterns, I had all those squares that I had worked up; so I made them into an afghan. Now I've finally decided to give it to one of my two sisters.

Now to my WIP. I have sixteen 12" squares all done and I need eight more to make another afghan. This afghan will be comprised of squares that I have also designed. These are new designs that have not been published yet, and won't be for some time. I will give this afghan to my other sister. I will number both afghans one and two and then they will draw for it to determine which afghan is theirs. That is the onl;y fair way to give them away I think. Here are the squares so far:

All three of our wedding anniversaries (my sisters and I) are in April, so I thought that would be a great time to gift them each with an afghan. I have one all ready, and one in need of eight more squares, I think that is do-able in 2 1/2 months. I will track my progress for you here. I will hold myself accountable to you. This will give me my motivation. What will motivate you? Find your motivation and then stick with it. Good luck and Happy Hooking!

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  1. This is hilarious! We should all have to make such a declaration. Also, your hubby is a very smart man..he knows how to get lots of attention is right! Your blankets are gorgeous. What great work you do.

    Please stop by my blog to pick up an award.