Friday, February 11, 2011

Popcorn Stitch Purse

I have a friend who doesn't crochet, but loves the popcorn stitch. She wanted me to crochet her a purse featuring the stitch. So I used my CROWN JEWELS pattern (through round 7) and then improvised the rest. The popcorns are in green.  I don't think I could write the rest of the pattern down after the fact, and I didn't think to write it down as I was going. But I do want to show it to you. I have the outer shell finished as well as the strap. My friend has picked out the fabric for the lining as you can see in the photo. So I need to sew in the lining (with an inside pocket) and add a closure strap and button, and then I'm finished. I think that sewing the lining will be the hardest part for me, as I haven't sewn in a while and I'm probably rusty. I think I will hand baste it first to stabilize it, then sew it in with a machine. I think that will be my best plan of action. The purse is 14" long, 10" tall, and the gusset is 3" wide. Any suggestions are welcome.

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