Saturday, March 19, 2011

March - Craft a Poem

I have finished my project for March's Craft a Poem. It is the crochet block for The Unique Sheep's Crochet Block-of-the-Month Club. I designed this block myself and named it "Picots and Lace." It makes me think of upper class ladies in beautiful lace dresses and white gloves sipping tea.

The poem I chose goes well with this theme. It is by Ann Taylor (1782 - 1866), an English poet and literary critic. (Both picture and poem are in the public domain.)

The Vulgar Little Lady by Ann Taylor

"But, mamma, now, " said Charlotte, "pray, don't you believe
That I'm better than Jenny, my nurse?
Only see my red shoes
, and the lace on my sleeve;
Her clothes are a thousand times worse.

"I ride in my coach, and have nothing to do,
And the country folks stare at me so;
And nobody dares to control me but you
Because I'm a lady, you know.

"Then, servants are vulgar, and I am genteel;
So really, 'tis out of the way,
To think that I should not be better a deal
Than maids
, and such people as they. "

"Gentility, Charlotte," her mother replied,
"Belongs to no station or place;
And there's nothing so vulgar as folly and pride,
Though dress'd in red slippers and lace.

Not all the fine things that fine ladies possess
Should teach them the poor to despise;
For 'tis in good manners, and not in good dress,
That the truest gentility lies."

Thanks to Sara from Lazy Knits and Purls for hosting the contest.  I'm having loads of fun matching projects and poems.