Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Sunglass Clutch - Pattern for Sale

An old favorite, the Little Sunglass Clutch. Make it just in time for Mother's Day and Spring! It was designed to mimic a pair of sunglasses, but it doesn't have to be used as an eyeglass case. It can also be a little clutch or purse to use when a larger one isn't needed. I use mine all the time when I go to the grocery store or shopping. I put my car keys in it, my debit card, my driver's license, etc; and I use the little wrist strap and then hold it in my left hand while I do my shopping. It's very handy and doesn't get in the way, especially when I don't have any pockets to carry anything. At $2.00 US currency for the written pattern, the price is right to try it out.  


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