Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Square a Day in May CAL

Melissa, over at Hooked on Handmade, is hosting a CAL for the month of May. She will be crocheting a square a day for the entire month of May. That will be 30 squares - with day 31 devoted to assembly. As of today, she has 9 other bloggers linked up with her and a large group over on Ravelry. Here's a link to her Ravelry group: A Square a Day in May. She is featuring 30 different and unique squares, of which she already has the links posted. Six of those squares are my patterns, so I am honored that she has chosen them for her CAL and I hope that everyone has fun working them up. Why don't you jump on over to Hooked on Handmade and check it out? It looks like loads of fun and seems like a very do-able project. You have lots of time to get yourself organized and get a jump start on the project if you wish to. Come May 31st, you will have a beautiful handmade afghan to keep or to give away. What a fun way to spend your May!

Here are the six patterns featured from my blog:

1. Blooming Granny Square
2. Blooming Lace
3. Falling Star
4. More V's Please
5. Starfire
6. Versailles


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  1. Thanks posting my CAL.

    I posted about your post (wow, that sounds lame), you can see it here

    I'm working on falling star right now and love it!