Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Prayer Day

Today is National Prayer Day. I encourage you all to pray for someone or something dear to you. Whether you have a God or not is not important; your religion is not important. We all can say a few words on someone else's behalf just for today. What or who will I pray for today? I will give you just a few highlights. Among other personal things, today, especially, I will pray for:

1. Peace in the world - especially after recent events.
2. Wisdom for our world leaders, especially our own US President Obama.
3. The safety of our military, especially for my son who is in the Navy.
4. My husband and his school work.
5. The safety and well being of my family.

And today I will also pray for YOU my blogger friends - for your safety and well being. Have a blessed day and please come back tomorrow for more crochet!

Best Regards,

Melinda (MoCrochet)

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