Monday, March 18, 2013

Paisley's Dress - Installment #1

Abandoned Project

Have you ever started a crochet project, only to abandon it for some reason? Well, I have. Today I will share my latest project. 

I am trying to crochet a dress for my new granddaughter, Paisley, who will be born at the end of June. So I ordered the yarn from Herrschners. The pattern called for size 10 thread, so I ordered Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Size 10 Thread. It is much softer than cotton, and I thought it would be better for a baby.

I decided on this pattern, Rose Christening Set, by Delsie Rhoades. 

I also had another dress in mind. It is the Baby Crochet Dress by Carol Stephenson. 

I got almost all the way done with the bodice, when I realized that I had the bodice twisted from the very first chain! All that work down the drain! I don't know if you have ever worked with size 10 thread, but that is meticulous stitching. Especially with my eyesight. I was so depressed! My dear hubby took me out to Dairy Queen for a hot fudge sundae to cheer me up! How sweet is that! 

The twist is right at the bottom of the armhole section. No way to fix it, except to start completely over. So my next step is to decide whether I want to actually start over on the same pattern - or start a new one. I could start the other pattern that I liked. It requires baby weight yarn, which would be better for my eyes and easier to work with in general. 

So today I will spend researching baby weight yarns from Herrschners. If I decide on the second pattern, I will have to return the Bamboo yarn and replace it with baby weight yarn. I really hate all the drama of returning merchandise through the mail though. It's a pain. There's a lot of factors to consider here, so we'll see how this develops. Stay tuned for another installment of the baby dress saga. Let's hope I get this ready by the baby shower on June 1st. :)

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