Friday, March 24, 2017

Attic Window Afghan

Here's a new design especially for Mother's Day. I've partnered with Cascade Yarns and created 3 different color schemes. They are equally beautiful, and you may have a hard time choosing just one. Maybe make one for Mom and one for You!

Color counts in this design, as subtle shading creates a window illusion. Color changes are worked with an effective technique which results in fewer ends and cleaner lines.

MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL - 20% off until April 30, 2017 - 12AM (CST)



Here are my three color schemes and inspirational photos:

 Which color scheme will you choose? 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Breath of Spring!

"Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?" -Neltje Blanchan

Today is the first day of Spring, and what better way to celebrate than with Crochetville's NatCroMo Blog Tour. Be sure to check out Crochetville's website and FB group, as they have so many fun things planned for you.

For my part of the celebration, I'm going to do a little Spring Cleaning with a brand new CAL. Let's gather up some worsted weight cotton, a size "I" hook, and a tapestry needle for weaving ends. Nothing else required - it's all FREE!!!

The Spring Cleaning Dishcloth CAL will present 2 of my original dishcloth designs every week for 4 weeks - a total of 8 dishcloths. These dishcloths are a variety of textures and shapes. I added some fun and whimsy to the dull routine of washing dishes. You'll want to make some to gift to others and also to keep for yourself.

Each week I will present one brand new design especially for this CAL, and one of the Mods in my Ravelry Group will present one of their favorites. You can find weekly selections by checking in on the dates listed above. 

Here are the places to check out in addition to my Blog:

My Facebook Group: CROCHET TIME with Melinda Miller Designs 


1. My Newest Design

2. Berniece's Choice

Do you love CAL's? How about joining the First Ladies Commemorative Afghan CAL? We've already worked Volumes 1 - 3, but there's still plenty of time to play catch up and be ready for Volume 4. Discounted price is valid until July 02, 2017 - no coupon needed. 
Read all about it here: First Ladies Commemorative Afghan

Have fun crocheting all these fun projects, and be sure to check back next week for the next two dishcloth patterns!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tutorial - No More Turning Chains!

When crocheting in rows, how many times have you ended up with those ugly turning chains? You know what I'm talking about. The pattern says to "chain 3 and turn." The chain 3 is the equivalent to a double crochet stitch and begins the next row. But - let's be frank here - it's just plumb ugly. Even if you can get past the look, it's still difficult to work vertical stitches into those 3 chains.

Instead of working a traditional ch-2 (hdc), ch-3 (dc) or ch-4 (tr) – we will work stacked sc stitches or BegHdc, BegDc, BegTr. This produces more mass and a sturdier stitch. When working into the top of a stacked sc stitch, you will have 2 loops in which to insert your hook under (as a regular stitch). Also, when working into the vertical side of a stacked sc stitch, there is plenty of mass in which to place a stitch – no flimsy chains.

Here’s a handy equivalency chart that displays the standard rule of thumb.

I usually determine how many stacked sc I need on a project by project basis. Depending on my tension or yarn thickness, I sometimes fudge how many stacked sc I work. My own personal BegDc is usually 2 stacked sc – which technically is equal to a ch-2 or a hdc. Since I chain a tad loosely for this stitch, I just use 2 stacked sc for my BegDc and I get the height I need. For a BegTr, I use 3 stacked sc which is equal to a ch-3 or a dc. This may vary from project to project depending on yarn. Just experiment a little to see how many Stacked Sc you will need to replace your turning chains. It really makes no difference, as the goal is to achieve the height you want.

Here's how to make a Beginning Half Double Crochet - BegHdc.

Just keep repeating Steps 4 – 6 to make the BegDc, BegTr, etc.

Remember – you don’t have to follow the chart to a tee. Use as many stacked sc as you need to achieve the height desired. It's all about the height - and fudging is allowed.