Wednesday, April 18, 2018

CAL - Dishcloth #2

Today's dishcloth is a Mod's Choice. Berniece is a long time Ravelry group member and my very first Mod. She's been with me since 2011 and so far I haven't run her off yet. Just shows you what a patient, caring person she is. She's tested so many of my patterns - she should know them all by heart. 

Berniece has been hooking for 52 years now, and taught herself with a vest kit. Wow – that’s pretty ambitious for a first project. She likes to use acrylic yarn and keeps an eye on budget. But I think we can all agree that budgeting yarn expenses is actually code for “Now I can buy more yarn!”

Watching TV mysteries and comedies is what Berniece does during her stitching time. Her favorite project that she ever made was using scraps to create her lovely version of Sophie’s Universe. She even incorporated some yarn that she hoarded saved from the 1980’s. Now that’s being frugal!

Berniece would like to master the C2C technique, using multiple colors to create a design. She has already tried it using self-striping yarn with a very nice result.

Berniece’s crochet tip: “Take care of your ends as you go!”

Here is Berniece's choice for today's dishcloth. 

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