Wednesday, April 25, 2018

CAL - Dishcloth #5

Today's dishcloth was chosen by Mod Terry. 

Terry is a Mod in my Ravelry group and she has been happily hooking for 30 years. She - and her entire 6th grade class - learned how to crochet from the teacher's aide, Clara. Clara must have been blessed with an abundance of patience. I just can't imagine my 6th grade class learning to crochet. 

Cascade Yarns is her go to yarn at the moment, but she's definitely in love with ALL yarn. Her favorite project is her very first one - a granny square afghan she made for her son. She really struggled to learn how to make granny squares, but her persistence paid off and now she can't seem to stop. 

While Terry is stitching, she likes to catch up on PBS Masterpiece segments, listen to books, and sometimes just enjoy the silence...if available.

Freeform crochet has always appealed to her, but she's a little hesitant to try it. You can do it, Terry!  Just remember how intimidating those grannies used to be, and look where you are now. :)

Terry's crochet tip:
"As much as I dislike counting stitches, I highly recommend it."

Here is Terry's choice for today's dishcloth:

Since this is a pattern that has already been published, I'll direct you to the original pattern page. 


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