Wednesday, May 9, 2018

CAL - Dishcloth #11

Today's dishcloth was chosen by Mod Pam.  She’s been hooked on crochet since March 2014. She learned from watching Youtube videos and joining Ravelry groups such as the Dishcloth Weekly KAL and the BAMCAL (Block-a-Month-CAL).

Her favorite yarn brand is Cascade, but she also likes the non-itchy Noro yarns for fingerless gloves and scarves. Her favorite crochet project that she’s made so far are these 2 owls. She made them 3 months after she started to crochet. What a feat! The first one (on the right) was for her daughter. Her mom liked it so much, she asked Pam to make one for her sister - Pam’s aunt.  Her other favorites are fingerless gloves that she designed herself, baby loveys, her bedspread she made during BAMCAL  2016/17 and all the wonderful Melinda Miller blankets she has made for everyone! I promise – I didn’t twist her arm here. :)

While crocheting, Pam watches Cable TV, binges on Netflix or listens to Youtube channels. Occasionally she listens to music, but her favorite place to crochet is to sit on her balcony listening to birds, watching the harbour and people watching. Such a lovely, peaceful vision. I’m jealous!

Somewhere down the road Pam would like to master Tunisian crochet or try broomstick lace and free form crochet.

Pam’s crochet tip: “Remember you are not alone . . . every crocheter has occasionally "fudged" stitches to make it work.” 

Since this is a pattern that has already been published, I'll direct you to the original pattern page. 


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