Friday, March 20, 2020

Quarantine CAL

Since many of us are confined to our homes, let’s at least have some fun and do something useful. 

I usually set aside this time of year for a Spring Cleaning Dishcloth CAL, but that didn’t happen this year. With my mother moving in, spending time with the grands, some unexpected projects with deadlines, and now all the crazy things going on around us - I just didn’t have time to design any new dishcloths. 

I was actually going to completely ignore this annual CAL and hope no one noticed. But NOOOOOOO!!! Some of you DID notice and were very vocal about it. LOL But all kidding aside, I’m happy to listen and give in to demand, as well as provide some fun activities while we are at home and bored silly.

So - let’s get another CAL going
Introducing a QUARANTINE CAL beginning on April 01, 2020. 

Each Wednesday of April, different dishcloth patterns will be featured, as well as a BRAND NEW coaster pattern. You are to choose at least one dishcloth pattern (or as many as you wish) from each week’s Ravelry Bundle, along with each week’s featured coaster design. I will provide weekly links to each Pattern Bundle so you can access each week’s featured patterns. These are all my designs (I do have a lot), and you won’t know in advance which ones are bundled together. Part of the fun, right?

Gather your supplies now so you’re ready to begin on April 1st. Yarn - 100% cotton (I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton)
Hooks - size H/5.0mm, I/5.5mm

Join the fun and CAL with me here:
Melinda Miller Designs
Crochet Time with Melinda Miller Designs